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What Are The Best Plants For Arbors And Trellises?

One of the things that will make your arbor great, is the kind of plants you grow on them. Some plants are easy to maintain, while others need more attention. The aesthetic value is also important and is one of the reasons people put up garden arbors and trellises in the first place. Evergreen plants are the ideal as they look good all year round. You may also want to go for perennial plants, so that they bloom through spring and summer. All these are important things that you have to consider but you need to know which plants have these characteristics.


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One of the most popular plants preferred by gardeners is the Clematis. This is a climbing plant that has very beautiful and colorful flowers. It is both perennial and evergreen but that will depend on the right variety. There are many varieties of the Clematis and you have to be careful about the one you buy. The most popular variety of the Clematis, that is both perennial and evergreen, is the Jackman’s Clematis. This plant is quite light and is less likely to make the structure budge down due to its weight. This is important if the structure is made of wood, since wood tends to warp when under pressure.

Jasmine is another common type of vine that is great for arbors and trellises. They have flowers with a great aroma. The flowers are distinct with a yellow hue that will make them stand out in your garden. This vine is evergreen and deciduous. The problem is that some experts advise against planting flowers which have a strong aroma because they attract insects like ants and bees. Insects can be very problematic for wooden structures, because they tend to bore holes in them. One way to prevent this is to treat the wood with some solution or sealant.




Another common type of vine is Wisteria. This has many characteristics similar to Clematis. It is hardy and vigorous. One advantage of the clematis and Wisteria is that they are relatively lightweight and don’t put a lot of weight on the structure. On trellises they will cover the entire width of the trellis once it is fully mature. They also grow high and wide and can be used to provide a shade for a sitting area under the arbor. If you want to grow this vine it is better to look for rooted cuttings, because seeds will take long to bloom sometimes even 2 years depending on the species of wisteria. It is important for trellises to be covered with vines that grow quickly, so that it does not remain standing for a long time without being covered by plants.

There are several other things you need to consider before you buy a plant for your trellises and arbors. You need to decide what you want the plant.  Not all plants work with patio arbors. If you want the plant to provide a shade you need to look for a suitable vine like the clematis. Some vines shed of a lot of leaves and may make the sitting area untidy.  You can actually find arbor kits that make assembling these beautiful additions to your outdoor space a snap!

A few of the outdoor arbors we love are the white lattice style arbors used for beach wedding ceremonies.  Arched landscape items are great for the shade and can support a rose garden for cheap, especially if you can find a good one on sale.