Metal Arbors - Steel Aluminum & Wrought Iron Arbor

Things To Consider Before Buying Metal Arbors

If you are looking to set up arbors for the first time, you may be at loss of what to look out for in order to make the right choice. You need to decide what you need it for. You may want to create a place where you can relax in your backyard, so you need something that is designed in a way that will provide enough shade. The size of the structure and material will determine the cost and suitability.

Metal presents several problems when used as materials for arbors. One of the problems is that since arbors are going to be outdoors, they are exposed to the elements. Since metals rust, you will need to be careful about the kind of metal you choose for any outdoor structure. Fading and rusting are a big problem with metal arbor.


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Another problem with metal, is that it can be very heavy. This may factor in the shipping costs and may make setting it up difficult. Due to the weight of some metals, people who want to save money by setting up the structure by themselves may find it hard to hold up the weight of some of the parts due to its weight.

Compared to wood many metals are more expensive and depending on the design, may be difficult to set up adding to the total cost of the whole project due to the additional help you may have to hire. Some gardeners prefer wood because it blends in with the garden. Metal on the other hand, is an artificial material that stands out in the garden, instead of blending in.

Metal has many advantages despite the shortcomings pointed out above. One thing about metal is its strength. It may fade or rust, but it hardly ever budges due to weight. It can therefore support the heavier vines for years without warping or bending. Metal is easier to modify and shape it into intricate designs. This means that you can find arbors in very many shapes and designs. The metal bars that make up the arbors can be relatively small and still be strong. It allows for flexibility and variety of design.




One of the best metals for an arbor is aluminum. Aluminum is strong, lightweight and resistant to rust. Due to its lightweight it is easier to set it up, in case you decide to set up the whole structure by yourself. Some metal arbors can be quite expensive compared to wooden ones. Aluminum is one of the cheapest metals in the market. You can get aluminum kits at a very fair price.

Another metal that is popular is iron. Iron is normally very prone to rust and is therefore not suitable for outdoor applications. Cast iron is made to resist rust. Iron is quite heavy and is among the heavier metals in the market.  However, the type you usually see are wrought iron arbors, which also handle rain well and are usually for sale pretty cheap.

If you decide to settle on metal there are many advantages that you will enjoy. Metal is resistant to attacks from insects and it’s also sophisticated for those who want a modern look.